… in which the new Guy comes to work at Cliff Notes


… in which a nice lady comes to buy a book, E.G.B. is thwarted, and Gomez learns an uncomfortable truth


… In which Dan faces his nemesis. And then faces his other one.


… in which Dan and Lindy disagree, we meet a Brat who makes a very solid point,and poor Gomez is having a very rough time of it, indeed!
And EGB says unpleasant things.

This is the episode you’ve heard about,
In Seussian meter, with twist and with shout!
A new timeless classic, like Song of the South,
And unpleasant things spew from EGB’s mouth!


…in which Gomez has a dilemma and comes to Dan with a very wacky solution.


…in which Cliff Notes has a book buy day, inviting an unprecedented crowd into its tiny confines, Gomez has a change of heart, and Dan says unpleasant things, resulting in a sit down with Chet.


…in which Candy Pants advises The Brat in matters of the heart, analyzes sexy poetry with Lindy… and faces off with Kat.


… in which a Serbian needs a special book, Crawlspace Dave needs a helping hand, and D-Bag takes advantage of the preoccupations of Dan and Gomez to air some grievances with EGB.
Also LARPing, LARPing, LARPing!

… in which the aftermath of a night of revelry leads to many revelations, Gomez makes a very unfortunate discovery, and EGB does what EGB does best!


… in which the good people of Cliff Notes prepare for Spanxxomania!!  Things that were lost are found again, things that were found are lost again,
and a whole bunch of stuff happens that I would be flogged for telling you here.
And EGB does that thing he does.  You know, with the unpleasantness.


… in which all the many strangenesses surrounding plucky independent bookstore Cliff Notes converge at the Bob Spanx book signing!