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Our podcast, Quixotic Enterprises Presents, brings you fortnightly episodes of Weird Audio Fiction.  Featuring the best and brightest in local voice talent, we will be presenting audio short stories, radio dramas, comedy sketches, or anything we think might be entertaining.

Quixotic Enterprises Presents weird fiction,  both old and original, so if you are a writer and would like to hear your stories brought to life, then please let us know!



Sleep Tight – Trailer

Noah has a bully problem.  And when Noah’s parents leave him home alone for the weekend, mysterious strangers unexpectedly show up on his doorstep.  But will they help Noah or are they an even bigger problem?  Set in the world of Michael Johnson’s Bump In The Night, Sleep Tight is a bedtime story in three acts.  For children who do not scare easily…



Bump In The Night

by Michael Johnson

available in print from Createspace and







Bump In The Night e-book available for Kindle













Bump In The Night audio podcast, read for you by the author.

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